RTM — New Listing on Graviex

The Graviex exchange just announced that Raptoreum [RTM] has been listed today!

| RTM/BTC | RTM/USD | RTM/USDT | — New Markets are now available.

Raptoreum is:

“A secure and ASIC/FPGA resistant Proof [of]Work cryptocurrency that allows for asset creation, futures, and smart contracts, while remaining immune to 51% double spend attacks.”

Shortly after trading, the new Raptoreum markets saw early buying interest that led to a price spike and a new ATH of $30 on the USD pair. Raptoreum currently has over 57% of it’s circulating supply locked in smartnodes that provide security for the network. They will also eventually become the smart contract, asset, and dApp hosting platform.

Find out more in the recently released smart contracts paper: https://docs.raptoreum.com/_media/Raptoreum_Contracts_EN.pdf

Raptoreum has a uniquely designed PoW algorithm with an ASIC resistant design. It’s hash rate has been steadily increasing since the mainnet went on Feb 26, 2021 after two years of testing and development.

The new Graviex markets can be found here:



Official Site: https://raptoreum.com/






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